General information:

Dear Guests, during your visit and stay in the house, we kindly ask you to keep in mind the following house rules in order to maintain a pleasant and orderly environment.

In order to ensure that each visitor leaves the place as they found it, we kindly ask you to leave the house in the same condition as you found it when you arrived. Your attention to cleanliness and tidiness is of the utmost importance, so please put the food and drinks you have brought in the house away after leaving. Failure to do so will result in a one-off cleaning charge of EUR 50.


We understand that unintentional damages may occasionally occur, so in the case of group visits, we reserve the right to request a deposit of EUR 300 to cover them. Of course, if no damage is found at the end of the stay the deposit will be fully refunded.

To ensure the peace and comfort of all guests, we have a policy that prohibits pets in the rooms. We also ask you to respect the night-time rules and regulations from 22:00 onwards to ensure a relaxed and peaceful environment for all guests.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in following these guidelines, which are designed to make your stay with us as pleasant and carefree as possible.

Description of the Country house:

The house is a self-contained unit, which, with its spaciousness and sophistication, guarantees complete privacy and comfort. It is spread over 140m2 and comprises two floors, which are designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing living environment.


Upper floor

Bedrooms: There are two bedrooms on the upper floor, each with one double bed and one extra bed. The bedrooms are designed to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for a good night’s rest.

Bathroom: This floor also includes one small bathroom, which is practically designed and equipped with all the necessary facilities for your comfort and hygiene.

Lower flooor

Pottery Stove: In the lower part of the house there is a pottery stove, which gives the room a special charm and warmth, and serves as an ideal place to relax and socialise.

The dining room and living room are the centre of social life in the house, where you can gather, eat and spend time together.

Fully equipped kitchen: the house includes a fully equipped kitchen that allows you to prepare a wide variety of meals and drinks, ensuring that everything you need is always at hand.

Wardrobe: A practical wardrobe in the lower part of the house allows you to store clothes and other items, which contributes to the tidiness and organisation of your living space.

Bathroom: The second bathroom is located in the lower part of the house and is equipped with all the essentials, ensuring a pleasant and functional use.

Outer space

Massage pool and infrared sauna: In front of the house, there is a massage pool and infrared sauna, which offer exceptional relaxation and indulgence, and allow you to make the most of your time spent in nature.

With its independence, spaciousness and rich equipment, the house is the ideal choice for those who want a quiet and relaxing stay in a private and comfortable environment. Every element in the house has been carefully planned to ensure an unforgettable living experience.

The price includes a full range of services and benefits designed to make your stay as pleasant, comfortable and carefree as possible. It includes:

Free parking: there is a spacious and controlled car park, which allows guests to park their vehicles easily and without any worries.

WIFI: Free WIFI access makes it easy to connect to the internet, allowing you to stay connected to the digital world.

Air conditioning: the air conditioning system in the house ensures an ideal temperature all year round, allowing you to enjoy comfort and relaxation.

SAT TV: There is a satellite TV with a wide choice of channels, allowing you to spend relaxing moments watching your favourite shows and movies.

Mini Bar: A mini bar is available for your convenience, offering a selection of our own wines, perfect for relaxing after a long day or for refreshing yourself on hot summer days.

Linen and towels: Quality bed linen and soft towels ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and a pleasant stay, contributing to a relaxing and restorative rest.

Coffee machine (Nespresso): you can enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee brewed with the Nespresso coffee machine, ideal for a relaxed start to the day or a pleasant afternoon break.

Unlimited use of the massage pool: The massage pool is available for unlimited use, allowing you to enjoy relaxing moments and pampering at any time.

Unlimited use of the Infrared sauna: The Infrared Sauna is also available for unlimited use, allowing you to benefit from its therapeutic effects and completely relax.

Sauna towels: Special sauna towels are available for your use while relaxing in the sauna, contributing to hygiene and comfort.

Morning gowns: Comfort is guaranteed with the cosy morning gowns available for use during your stay.

A girft at departure: when you leave, a little note awaits you to end your stay with a pleasant memory (and it’s not an expense).

Every aspect of your stay has been carefully planned to ensure total comfort, relaxation and satisfaction, allowing you to fully indulge in the pleasures the house has to offer.


Your room or house will be ready for you from 14:00. Please plan your arrival after this time to allow a smooth start to your stay. In order to ensure a smooth and pleasant welcome, we kindly ask you to call 031-467-990 one hour before your scheduled arrival time. This way we can make sure that everything is in place for your seamless experience.


Please leave the premises by 10:00. This will allow our staff to prepare the accommodation for future guests and ensure the same high level of service and comfort. Your understanding and cooperation in this process is greatly appreciated.

Recommendations for your journey:

For the easiest access to our location, we recommend coming from the direction of Dolga Vas or from the direction of the centre of Lendava. These routes are optimal and will allow you to easily find us and start enjoying everything we have to offer.


For a perfect start to your day, we invite you to visit our breakfast room, where a selection of delicacies awaits you. The breakfast room opens at 08:00 and closes at 10:00. Enjoy a quiet and relaxing meal before starting your day’s activities.

We hope you find this information useful and that your arrival and stay with us will be carefree and comfortable. We look forward to your visit and wish you an unforgettable experience.